Friends of Al Rowwad USA Board

Nancy Lee Farrell, President
Tacoma, Washington

Nancy is a retired elementary school teacher and home hostel manager. She is currently a substitute teacher in Tacoma, Washington. She is involved in many activist organizations in Tacoma. She volunteered at Al Rowwad in October 2002, helped organize Dr. Abusrour's first U.S. speaking tour in 2004, and in 2005 the first Al Rowwad's Children's Theater  performing tour in the Northeast USA.

Dorothy C. Buck, Ph.D., Secretary
Medford, Massachusetts

Dr. Buck has a Ph.D. in Religion and Literature and is a licensed mental health practitioner and pastoral counselor. She has an active interest in supporting education for Palestinian Arab Christian and Muslim children in the Holy Land, facilitates the Partner Parish Committee for St. Pauls Parish in Cambridge, MA with Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Beit Sahour, Palestine and on two pilgrimages, in 2011 and 2013, she included visits to the Aida Camp and al-Rowwad on the group itinerary. Her enthusiasm for Dr. Abusrour’s vision of the Arts as a means of Beautiful Resistance is in part due to her many years as a professional Classical Ballet performer and teacher. Her interest in the three Abrahamic faith traditions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism has led her to publish many articles and books on Inter-faith topics and to the revival in 2002 of the Badaliya Interfaith Prayer Movement in the spirit of it’s founder, Louis Massignon. Partnered with the Peace Islands Institute, this Muslim and Christian faith sharing group gathers monthly at St. Paul Parish in Cambridge, MA.

A. Paul Cravedi, MA, Treasurer

Watertown, MA

Mr. Cravedi has a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard.  He currently owns and manages several executive office centers in the Boston area.  He has been a committed social activist since his college days where he served as president of the Georgetown University Community Action Program (GUCAP) which engaged over 1,000 student volunteers in various social service programs in Washington, DC.  His interest in Middle East peace developed when his best friend became the Director of Middle East Peace for the American Friends Service Committee.  He has served on several committees related to Middle East politics and has visited Palestine on three occasions.  This offered him the opportunity to visit the Aida refugee camp and meet Dr. Abed Abusrour and the Al Rowwad Children''s Theater and Cultural Center.  He has been an active Al Rowwad supporter since 2010.

Garry Anderson  

Lakewood, Colorado

Gary is a semi- retired civil engineer. He first encountered Aida Camp in March 2002, during the Israeli assault on Bethlehem and has been involved in Al- Rowwad since then. Worked with Carla, Gale and Nancy on first Al- Rowwad tour. Gary is also involved in UUJME (Unitarian- Universalists for Justice in the Middle East), Friends of Sabeel- Colorado, and local Denver-Boulder groups involved in justice and environment issues.

In 2002, he was volunteer staff to Palestine Water Authority assessing IDF damage to West Bank water systems and arranging for repair/replacement parts. Living in Palestine, he managed the design of a 50 –km water system intended to distribute water within Gaza. Since 2008, Gary has been doing part-time consulting on the development of industrial / commercial projects in Egypt, Senegal, Mauritania, Kuwait, and Iraq. In 2013, Gary was in Hebron for 3 months, working on an industrial wastewater solution for that city.

Sallie Shaw

Across Puget Sound from Tacoma, WA

Sallie is a secular Jew who spent most of her working years in social services and interfaith work, most often combining the two; she retired in 2010 from Associated Ministries in Tacoma, Washington, having spent 21 years as the Director of a program that organizes volunteers to paint the homes of low-income seniors and people with disabilities.  She currently focuses most of her time and energy on Palestinian human rights and civil rights, primarily with the Jewish Voice for Peace organization. She visited Al Rowwad in 2010 during a 5-week trip to Israel and Palestine, having met Dr. Abusrour on his trip to the U.S. in 2004.  Since then she has been enamored with Al Rowwad's work to give children fun, life-affirming and meaningful experiences showing them that there is more to life than living under Occupation and that there is a positive and 'Beautiful' way to confront and change the world. She also appreciates and uses videos produced by Al Rowwad in her work to inform people about life under Occupation, especially the film Bethlehem Checkpoint, 4a.m., because it shows the context within which Al Rowwad is doing such amazing work.

Carla Wallace

Louisville, KY

Carla has been active in social justice for over 30 years. She is committed to base-building that holds racial justice at its center, and is on the national leadership team of Showing Up for Racial Justice ( that works to engage more white people in change- making with a racial justice lens. She helped coordinate Al-Rowwad's first US tour and welcomed Dr. Abusrour to Louisville in 2016 for successful fund-raising events.