Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society visits Marah Rabah school

Alrowwad’s media program conducted a field visitation to the winners in the school announcement competition Marah Rabah school for girls. The visitation on April 19th was conducted by Alrowwad’s media coordinator Mohammad Abu Haniya, coordinator of Images for Life program Murad Abu Srour, public relation employee of education ministry directorate in Bethlehem Kholud Darras, headmistress of Marah Rabah school for girls Ikhlas Abda along with teachers supervising the school’s announcement committee.

Marah Rabah1.jpg

During the visitation, Alrowwad’s staff participated in the final preparation session to discuss the suggested activities that the school’s announcement team will do to compete nationwide at the end April.

Public relations employee of education ministry directorate in Bethlehem Kholud Darras expressed her appreciation to Alrowwad for their conducted efforts in supervising and training the school’s announcement team to prepare them for the nationwide competition.

On the other hand, founder and director of Alrowwad Abdulfattah Abu Srour said that making a change in the programs of school announcements and develop them will only motivate the students to benefit from information that is offered in school’s announcements. He added that Alrowwad works on providing all possibilities to develop the students’ skills and potentials through media program which will reflect on forming a positive image of all schools.

Alrowwad’s media program holds courses and training workshops in the fields of journalism and media for schools and university students who are interested in entering the media field in accordance to a strategic plan that aims to give the chance to everyone to be a change maker.

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