Al Rowwad wraps up successful summer program

Al-Rowwad has had a wonderful summer of programming for the children of Aida camp and beyond, with artistic training workshops, theatre and dance performances, environmental and health projects, professional training and other activities.


Dr Abdelfattah Abusrour writes:
“With about 160 children participating, Al-Rowwad is a thriving center of activity. We are inspiring hope and promoting life, creativity, imagination, and building peace within our children to live for their country and defend their humanity and inspire the world."

Al-Rowwad has involved children from age five in fun activities including theatre, dance, music, painting, drawing and games. The library has continued its program of education in computer skills, storytelling and other games. The July summer camp alone served roughly 160 children. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Abusrour visited Boston this summer with three teens (pictured at right) who went on to the  Circus Smirkus training camp in Vermont for 10 days. Dr. Abusrour stayed in the Boston area for fundraising events, including a successful Skype fundraiser with supporters in Tacoma, Washington.

Friends of Al Rowwad